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a utility for printing text files (or stdin) from remote terminals using ANSI telnet escape sequences


Ansiprint was inspired by the ansiprt.c component of the University of Washington's excellent email package, pine, but has been completely re-written in C++ and includes a variety of new features. Ansiprint is free software, released under the BSD license. That means you can do anything whatsoever you want with it, except claim you wrote it.

Current development status: Stable, v 1.0.
Last Updated: December 31, 2000.



Current stable release is: 1.0

Download at:


Anonymouse CVS access to the latest development code is available at:

or view a web version of the CVS tree at:


Ansiprint was written by Jason R. McVetta, a 5th year student at The Ohio State University. He is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Urban Planning (both with an emphasis on public policy). A word of encouragement if you are thinking of hiring him: he will work cheap, because he's dead broke right now (as always).

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